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Roy has written a best selling book to help people with their financial goals. This book, “Guaranteed Monies” was written to help you understand how to protect your financial situation.


Roy is focused on educating people. It’s at the core of what he does. He is constantly on podcasts, TV shows, being interviewed and running seminars. Click here to see him in action!


Whether you are available for one of his live, in-person presentations, or his virtual meetings, Roy empowers people through his educational experience.


There’s a lot of noise out on the internet and mainstream media about various retirement strategies and which one is “best” for you. At Snarr Insurance we do our best to make planning simple! We do this by focusing on safe money strategies that will provide you and your family retirement confidence based on your individual goals.

For over a decade we’ve been building a nationally recognized brand and agency. Snarr Financial and Insurance Services, INC. is a family-owned and operated general agency. That means we have the ability to work with over 50 of the most competitive and quality financial institutions in the country. We work for our clients, not a firm!

As our growth has expanded across the country more and more folks have requested to work directly with us. Unlike most recognized agencies, we try and help everyone we can, there is no minimum to work with us. No one will say you must have a $500,000 or $1,000,000 estate to get a meeting. Since we are focused on asset based protection our services are best utilized by folks that have an emergency fund already established and have $100,000 + of retirement assets that they are looking to protect through safe money strategies. We are based in Austin, TX but work with clients all over the great state of Texas and the US.

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